English is one of the most valuable skills to a student in China. A student’s English proficiency determines which middle school, high school and university they attend. It also opens doors for their future employment opportunities. Learning English is a key element to breaking the cycle of poverty for students in rural China.

Break The Poverty Cycle

That’s why Project Partner sends two teams, annually to host English Camps. Through a Sports Camp and dedicated ESL Camp, U.S. team members help students improve their English skills. The Sports Camp Team will host a week long camp for teenagers. Through games, acvitities, and sports, they’ll teach valuable lessons about English and leadership.

Our ESL Team will host a one week English Camp. They’ll use games, songs, crafts, and other activities to help students improve their existing English skills.

Learning English isn’t the only challenge students in rural China face. Many also lack a parent or mentor in their life. In rural area, one or both parents work away from the home and students grow up without their support. During these camps, our teams also share important life lessons about team work, discipline, and sportmanship. 

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You can also show your support by leaving an encouraging note in the comments below. Something as simple as “I’m thinking about you” or “Thanks for volunteering your time and talents” will bring smiles to the team and help them through an often emotional week.

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