Because of you, we hit the goal! Your support will provide water catchment tanks to 52 orange farmers in Muke village.

Why Clean Water Tanks Are So Important

For all of China’s technological and economic advances, it still faces a horrifying clean water shortage. These storage tanks help solve the shortage by collecting clean rainwater for year-round use. Orange trees require water to stay healthy. Healthy trees produce better quality fruit which earns top dollar for the orange farmers at the market. Since Muke village only receives ample rain during winter and summer seasons, these tanks are vital to keeping the trees alive during the dry season.

How Clean Water Fights Poverty in China 

Your support for water tanks provides the lifeline for orange trees in Muke. Year round water means a sustainable, year-round income for orange farmers. A steady, sustainable income means farmers can feed their families and afford to their children’s education. An education opens the door for students’ employment opportunities in the future.

Your support for water tanks is breaking the cycle of poverty for families in Muke village. Thank you so much for moving us one step closer to ending the Poverty Crisis in China.

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