This is a trip update from Project Partner’s Director, Kristen Levitt:

Recently I returned from Guangdong province where I’d been serving with our Medical Team. Images of students’ faces flash through my mind as I lay awake, attempting to adjust back to local time. Every Medical Trip is special. But this year was extra special as it marked 10 years of partnership and service to this region of rural China.

In 2007 we established a program and began sending annual Medical teams to China. These trips have not only met vital needs for families fighting poverty, but they’ve strengthened our relationship with our local partners in China.

On the trip this year, it was evident how valued these relationships are to our Chinese partners. 

Our team of 43 included ER doctors, pediatric doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, Chinese medicine professionals, teachers, a professional photographer, and videographer.  

Together we provided:

  •  physical exams 
  • dental exams 
  • vision screenings 
  • dental and personal hygiene education
  • nutrition education
  • co-consults of local doctors
We served 634 people during the week.
Local government leaders, the hospital administrator, and teachers told us how grateful they are for our long-term partnership. They recognized the needs of the students and families but did not have the resources to help as they desired. At the end of the week, the hospital administrator told me “Thank you for your commitment to this region and these people. We have learned so much, and now we know how we can continue to help others. We want to show love to our people like you have shown to us.”
This made my heart full. Our annual efforts aren’t just to help a few hundred families each year. We’re making a deeper impact, showing local leaders how they can help their own people. 
We have never wanted to be the sole solution to a problem in China. Our desire has always been to equip and empower people. And that is happening!
Our love for others is rubbing off. Students, families, and leaders are learning first hand how they can show love to their community.
Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project. You are a huge part of this success! We could not do this without you. Want to go with us next year?
I’ve already been asked to bring another Medical Team next April 2018. If you’re willing to go and serve, medical professional or not, this would be a great opportunity for you. So start thinking about it now and contact me for details.

Photos From the 2017 Medical Trip To China

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