We have some fantastic news to share!

As you know, Project Partner is a non-profit organization. We rely solely on your support to operate and make progress toward ending the Poverty Crisis in rural Asia.

We receive donations and have supporters all over the world. We see donations of all amounts … and every dollar matters.

But sometimes we receive support that is out of the ordinary.

That’s the case today, and we wanted to share it with you.

Incredible, Unexpected Generosity

In April, we were approached by a private family foundation. The board of the foundation was considering causes to support and asked Project Partner to apply for consideration.

Our team went to work writing the grant application immediately.

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate receiving that grant!

Funding Meaningful Work

The grant is for $50,000. The money will allow us to fund several priority projects in rural China this year.

We’ll work with our partners in China to identify the specific projects, but we know the high-level needs now:

  • Goats for the Miao people
  • Walnuts for Maluk village
  • Clean water for Gui Cheng village
  • Training for Community Leaders

Thank You For Your Support

Your support continues to be vital. If you’re reading this, we know you care about the families we support. We know you’re energized from news like this.

Let’s continue to fight for the mission. Let’s end the Poverty Crisis in rural Asia.

Thank you again for your support.

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