Our 10th annual ESL camp was a great success last week. Our team of 13 U.S. members teamed up with local Chinese teachers to teach 138 students, age 6-21 years old.

Each year this camp provides Chinese students a unique opportunity to practice their English with native speakers. The students start learning English in third grade, but rarely have interaction with foreign teachers. Our team used crafts, songs, game, and activities to create fun learning opportunities.

Speaking English opens the door for future opportunities for students in higher education and the job market. Learning English is essential for students to break out of the poverty cycle. The ESL camp gives students an opportunity to improve their English skills and prepare for their future.

Thank you to our 13 team members who served sacrificially during the camp. The students loved you and appreciated your dedication. Thank you also to our supporters who helped make this trip possible for our team. We couldn’t do this without all of you.

Want to join the 2018 trip? We’re already taking applications, please fill out an interest form, and we’ll send you the info.

ESL Trip Photos

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