The ESL team returned home full of excitement from the 9th Annual ESL trip to China. Our team of Americans joined with local Chinese teachers to teach 113 students, ages 6-22 years old.

This camp provides local Chinese students an opportunity to practice their English skills they learn during the school year. The teachers combine games, songs, and fun activities to give the students different types of ways to use English.

Photos from 2016 ESL Trip

Speaking English Fights Poverty

Before each school year, Chinese students take English placement tests. Their test scores dictate their class placement and continuing education opportunities. Our ESL camps help students improve their language skills, helping them to score well and earn better career opportunities.

Thank you to everyone who supported our ESL team members, making their trip possible. Because of you and our ESL team, students in China are on their way towards a brighter future.

Ever wanted to travel to China? We’re already taking applications for the 2017 ESL Trip. Fill out an interest form, and we’ll send you all the info!

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