Our team returned home energized after the 4th Annual Soccer Camp in China. Thank you so much to everyone who supported our team to make this trip a reality.

“Getting the opportunity to go to the English Soccer Camp was literally a 12-year dream come true. Three of my biggest passions are working with youth, playing soccer, and the Chinese culture. By being able to go on this trip, I was able to help young men better understand leadership, improve their soccer skills and English skills, and serve our gracious partners in China.”
– James, trip participant

Our team of Americans coached 55 middle and high school age students. They taught soccer skills, drills, and valuable lessons such as teamwork, leadership, and discipline. Students were able to improve their abilities, practice English and experience personal growth.

We saw many students return from past year to the camp. We also had several high school students who graduated, but return to help lead at the camp.

The students continually said they were learning to communicate with their teammates, improve their English and develop leadership skills.

Photos From The Soccer Camp

Soccer Fights Poverty

Speaking fluent English is one of the most practical skills students can learn to improve their futures. While kids in the larger cities can learn English in school, rural students don’t always have the same opportunity. The chance to interact with a native English speaker, especially an American, is a highly rare opportunity for these rural students. It’s another way your support and participation in trips is helping to end the Poverty Crisis.

We’re already planning the 2017 Soccer Camp trip. Let us know if you’re interested!

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