These two families both received encouragement cards from supporters like you. Each family has a disabled adult child living in their home.

The Lin Family

Mr. Lin (on the left) is a widower. He works as a rice farmer in a nearby farm. But he barely makes enough to provide for himself and his son. His son is 26 years old, Bohai, but has mental and physical handicaps that prevent him from caring for himself and from working. Mr. Lin was touched to receive the Encouragement Card. He said many days he feels alone and discouraged. But he felt that the card was a real gift as he now knows that others care about him and want him to have hope.

The Shi Family

On the right, the Shi family also struggles to provide enough to care for their family. Their daughter, Rou, is also disabled and requires constant care. Both parents work outside the home and rotate caring for their daughter. Rou smiled constantly during our visit with the families. Through a translator, we read the Encouragement Cards. Rou held her card tight, she didn’t want to let go. Her parents said that even though their life has many challenges that they have a sense of hope. The card will help keep their hope alive each day.

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