This is a special guest post from our director, Kristen Levitt:

On my last trip to China, I had the opportunity to visit with many of the families you support with financial gifts and encouragement cards. The Xiao family was one that particularly touched me.

Mr. Xiao is a farming assistant working in rice fields to earn what income he can. He spends most of his time, though, caring for his 20-year-old son who is mentally disabled. Mrs. Xiao passed away several years ago.

Even with a monthly supplemental income of ¥300 ($45) from the government, the Xiao’s struggle to make ends meet. Medinice alone costs ¥500 ($75) a month. Your support is helping the Xiaos now with monthly food packs to supply food staples and basic personal items, like toothpaste.

When I arrived with our team, Mr. Xiao invited us in. He was excited to serve us hot tea … a sign of respect in China. His gesture was even more heartfelt knowing his financial reality.

Like a gracious host, he never let our cups go empty. We sat around his table listening to stories about his family and receiving his gratitude for your support.

Even a small gift of $15 supplies a food pack – an entire month’s supply for a family like the Xiao’s. Your support is making a significant impact. Thank you.

Your support supplies the Xiao's with food packs

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