This country is unlike anything I have every seen before.

From the coast of Hong Kong to the mountains of mainland everything changes: the people, the scenery, the customs, and everything else.

This film tells only a very very small portion of my experience and may make it appear as a trip full of only joy. I can guarantee you that the reality was not so, though it was joyful!

Also, the Chinese people are some of the kindest people I have ever met in any of my travels. They taught me what hospitality looks like in a new, profound way.

-John Stambaugh, Trip Participant

An Interview With John About His China Trip

Why did you choose to volunteer with Project Partner?
I chose to volunteer with Project Partner because I love their organization’s vision.

What are 3 things you like most about the work of Project Partner?
Sustainability, the relational nature, and effectiveness

What was most surprising during your time in China?
The strong contrast between the average perspective and reality of the Chinese people.

What do you see as the most valuable aspect of your video work for Project Partner?

Project Partner was started with the vision that if people see other nations then they will have the heart to help them. My video work provides an opportunity for people to see China without having to go themselves and hopefully they see the need to help.

Would you encourage others to volunteer and support Project Partner and why?
There are few organizations that match the sustainable and relational depth of Project Partner. This is not a self-serving non-profit that exists to provide short-term quick fix solutions without a relationship, but long-term practical solutions that are always based in the context of relationships.

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