One activity makes more impact than anything else: fundraising. It raises awareness and fuels real change on the ground in China at the same time. Fundraising is how we spend most of our time as an organization, but we can only do so much. We know the key to ending the Poverty Crisis lies in your hands. That’s why we get so excited to hear your fundraising stories. We just got an amazing story from a high school teacher in San Antonio, TX.

The International School of the Americas in San Antonio recently held an event to raise awareness and money for a variety of cultures in what they called The Advocacy Fair. Each group of students had an assigned people group for whom they researched and presented the need to support the culture. The project for the Miao people in southeast China won 1st place! All of the funds raised by the event were given to Project Partner to fund goats for the Miao people. 

High school students raise money to preserve Miao culture

Here’s a summary of the winning project:

We just completed a project called the Advocacy Fair project, in which we chose to advocate for a community in need of support. After doing research on the culture of the Miao people we were able to create a presentation that educated people about the Miao culture. We were able to successfully advocate our position strongly enough to cause people to want to help. As a result we received all of the proceeds that were raised during the our school’s Advocacy Fair, an event aimed to raising awareness for cultures at risk of disappearing. Now we are able to achieve our goal of helping the Miao people and preserve their culture through the 50 Goats for the Miao People Project. We hope that these funds will be used in the most effective way possible to better the lives of these incredible people.

-Canyon Sembera, Marci Peck, Naomi Sanchez, Alena Araujo, and Caleb Montz

Thank you so much to these incredible students for their hard work and generous hearts! You can start your own fundraising campaign today or donate directly to a project here

Texas students raise money for rural Chinese

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