Your support is helping students in rural China receive vital medical care and health education. During our recent Medical trip, our team gave Shen and his 4th-grade class their first toothbrushes. Shen said, “thank you so much. Now I know how to brush my teeth and can do it every day.”

Thanks again for joining us to fight poverty & meet vital needs like Shen’s.

Health Care in China

China has recently addressed the issue of health care at a national level. In 2009, the government implemented a plan that now means 95% of Chinese citizens have some sort of health insurance. This is good news but does not tell the whole story. While only 5% lack insurance coverage, countless more in rural China cannot access medical care, even if they have the government insurance plan.

Basic Health Needs

Rural Chinese are also in need of basic health care items like personal hygiene education, preventative care, and items like toothbrushes. It’s easy to take these needs for granted when they are a given for most of us reading this blog. However in rural China, even something a small as a toothbrush is a big deal.

When you support Project Partner, your gifts go towards medical clinics for rural Chinese to access health care, free clinics for children to get preventative exams, and medical supplies like toothbrushes. 

Kristen giving Shen his first toothbrush


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