Snow storms are a pain. For most of us, they mean shoveling driveways, clearing sidewalks and tretcherous communtes to work. With all of the inconvenience, and even some minor damage, we still get by pretty well in most cases. Our homes are sturdy and insulated. We don’t fear for our safety. That’s not the case for Ching Lan.

Three generations of Lans live under a shaky roof in the thin, cool air of a mountainous region in southern China. Along with her mother and son, Ching survives by farming the rocky land around her home.

With the constent threat of drought and limited access to clean water, a normal day is hard work for Ching. When a snow storm rolls in, it is literally life-threatening.

During the last snow storm, Ching’s roof collapsed under the weight of the snow. Facing freezing temperatures, the devestation forced the family to leave their home. Ching felt the additional responsibility to provide for her family. She couldn’t physically repair the roof. Even with help she didn’t have the financial resources to buy materials. Yet, she wasn’t without hope.

The community leaders in Ching’s village contacted us. We were able to hireĀ a local repair crew and provide materials right away.

Because of generous donations from you, Ching Lan now has a new, reinforced roof. We repaired all the damages to her home and to six other homes in her community. Now she doesn’t fear for her safety when a snow storm comes.

When our team visited Ching, she was incredibly thankful. She invited the team in for tea. Smiling ear to ear, she couldn’t stop saying “Xie Xie” (thank you).

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