Behind each completed project in rural China is an active Community Leader. Meet Mr. Lee; he completed the Community Leader training program in 2014. Now Mr. Lee is a leader in Zhehei village in Yunnan province. His first major project was a water piping system to make water accessible to the 363 people in his village.

Zhehei’s only water source was situated a few miles up in the mountains from the village population. Access was difficult and time-consuming. Mr. Lee knew the community’s survival depended on access to water. Together with Project Partner regional leaders, Mr. Lee created a plan to bring water to Zhehei village. The leaders shared their plan with the local government who provided the labor and funded 70% of the project. Project Partner supporters stepped in to fund the remaining 30%.

Mr. Lee worked continuously over six months to help oversee the project. Finally, the people of Zhehei had clean water. Your support and Mr. Lee’s leadership brought new life to the rural community.

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