We’re often asked the best way to help struggling families in rural China. With an estimated 400 million living in poverty, there is no easy answer. As you know, we primarily focus on raising awareness and fundraising. But how can you help personally? 

You have countless ways to create awareness for the Poverty Crisis. You can also sponsor a project, but there’s something even more powerful. You can start your own fundraising campaign. That’s what the congregation at Indian Creek Community Church did recently. 

A Special Cause

The church in Kansas wanted to do something meaningful for Father’s Day. With some many families torn apart by the Poverty Crisis, it was a natural fit to raise money to help dads. The goal is to help them stay with their families instead of leaving in search of work. The solution? Walnut trees. 

The congregation spent weeks telling friends about the Poverty Crisis. They explained how walnut trees will make a meaningful difference. They raised $1,211 to fund 120 saplings! 

Indian Creek raises funds for walnut trees in rural China
Indian Creek Community Church used this display to track fundraising progress for 120 walnut trees.

Walnut Trees Proven To End Poverty

Walnut trees provide 2.5 times the income as farming and are easily maintained. Fathers can spend more time enriching their family and less time tending to corn, rice, or yams. Walnut trees are a proven solution to the Poverty Crisis.

You can join the cause today! Start your own fundraising campaign for walnut trees or donate online now!

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