Think back to a painful chapter in your life. What were some of the things that kept you going?

Chances are, you received some encouraging words from friends and family during those tough times. Hopefully, their words made you smile, keep you chin up and move on believing that your situation would get better.

Did you know that just like you and me, families in rural China need encouragement too? Many of them are struggling to feed their family, balance responsibilities of parenting and work, and support their children.

Thankfully many of you are sending words of hope through the Encouragement Card program.

Encouragement Cards to China

Recently, we sent 212 Encouragement Cards to families in rural China. Some of you wrote:

“Your family is in our thoughts and prayers”
“Don’t give up, we believe in you”
“You are stronger than you think”
“A new day is coming”

Your words give hope to families during difficult times. These Encouragement Cards, coupled with sustainability projects, let families know they are not alone in their fight against poverty.

Thank you to each of you who took a few minutes to write Encouragement Cards. And thank you to those who wrote the Chinese translation on the back. It may seem like a small gesture.

But your words are inspiring hope and confidence to families in rural China.

You Can Participate Now

Want to share your own words of hope with families? We need individuals, groups, students and even kids to each write a few cards. Our volunteers will handle the translation.

It only takes a few minutes to make a difference! Contact us today to get involved.

Life is tough some days we all need encouragement.


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