by Kristen Levitt, Director

As you know, funding is a vital function to end the Poverty Crisis in China. We’ve seen projects for water, goats, and walnuts end poverty. We simply need to fund more of these projects to accomplish our mission.

Social fundraising is a relatively new approach to broaden our fundraising scope. It is also one of the best, most powerful ways you can join us to help families overcome poverty.

launched a campaign for my birthday. Instead of presents, I asked my friends to give the gift of water to 300 people in Muke Village. I shared my campaign on social media and, in two weeks, met the goal. But I didn’t stop there. I raised the goal from 300 people up to 450. And just one week later, my friends and family responded and hit the new target.

The following month I traveled to China where I was honored to personally give the funds to our Community Leader in Muke Village. I was incredibly touched by the gratitude of the local people. Their smiles and tears showed the real value of this gift. It was for more than water; it meant new life for families in Muke village.

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