Each November we send a small team to visit villages in rural China. Our team joins our local partners to see the completed projects that you support.

This year our visit focused on an area deep in mountains of Yunnan province. Each day we visited many villages, hearing stories of life change from local families. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Chu receive their goats, along with other families. Breeding goats will provide a stable income for their families.

Later on that week, our team visited several minority villages, the Mui and Miao. They welcomed our group with songs and tasty meal. After eating, our team divided up to visit the homes of several families. Each family shared how projects like water, walnuts, and goats drastically improved their lives.

Before, the local families struggled to survive. But now, thanks to our supporters, they are thriving. Access to water means healthier crops and people. Goats and walnuts provide a sustainable income to support their family’s basic needs.

At the end of the week, our bodies were exhausted, and our hearts were overflowing. We felt blessed to hear thankful words and see grateful smiles from so many families.

There’s no doubt that your support for sustainable projects like water, goats, and walnuts is fighting poverty in rural China.

Photos From The 2016 Eyewitness Trip

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