Mr. Kuang lives alone while his wife of 21 years, Zhin, receives medical care for her illness. He couldn’t articulate to us exactly what’s wrong with her. Except that he misses her dearly and wishes he could be at the hospital with her. He stays home to farm their small field yielding just enough food for himself and little to sell at the market.

Mr. Kuang lives in a deteriorating one bedroom home. He gets around on his bicycle. But it’s too far by bike to reach the hospital where his wife receives care.

To earn additional money, he also collects recyclable containers. When our team visited him, he was in good spirits. However, he said he did get lonely and discouraged being away from his wife. His eyes lit up when we handed him the Encouragement Card, written in both English and Chinese. He was so thankful to know that people are aware of his hardship, want to help and also share some thoughtful words. He said he’ll keep the card near his bed where he can see it regularly.

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