Meet Sun Li. She dreams of becoming a teacher.

It’s easy for you and I to take our access to education for granted. In China, though, public high school education is more elusive. One child per family is given public high school education. Parents must pay an annual tuition for more children to attend. The annual tuition is affordable for middle to upper class families but Sun Li’s family struggles financially.

The farming parents of 15 year old Sun faced a choice of feeding their family or sending their daughter to high school.

Sun Li was a promising student. She enjoyed school so much that she told her parents, “Someday when I finish school, I want to be a teacher.”

Even with all the potential, the finances weren’t available. Sun’s parents couldn’t afford her high school tuition. Sun felt her hopes of finishing school slipping away. Then something changed the entire path for Sun’s life.

Just in time to enroll, we were able to grant Sun a full scholarship for her high school education.

The scholarship was only possible because of Project Partner supporters. You are making Sun’s dream to teach a reality.

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