Guest post by Gary Kendall, President of Project Partner

The 6th Annual Soccer Trip was a great success. The excitement and attendance were at an all-time high with 80 students and 22 team members.

This year our team hosted two Soccer Camps back to back, in the same week.  At the beginning of the week, we taught secondary school age boys, 14-18 years. Then we lead the primary school students, 8-14 years old. Each camp coupled teaching soccer skills with learning English. Gary Kendall, President of Project Partner, helped lead the camp alongside our local team.

A typical day consisted of English lessons in the morning as campers watched videos of the World Cup and studied soccer vocabulary. After English lessons, students spent three hours outside working on soccer drills and skills. Then they broke for lunch and spent the afternoon scrimmaging. Each evening we broke into small groups to discuss life skills like leadership, discipline, and teamwork.

This year was the sixth year for the camp and my sixth year participating. I’ve enjoyed coming back each year as I’m seeing the students grow as players and in their English and life skills too. I can’t wait to go back next year! We’re already planning the 2019 Soccer Camp. I’m hoping to bring more US team members to coach and lead the students. If you’re interested, please contact Project Partner for more details.

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