It takes change at the foundational level to fight poverty. Things we can take for granted, like clean water, health and education, are a constant battle for families in rural China. By addressing these challenges, we can bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Clean Water

Severe drought and access to water challenge the agrarian lifestyle in rural China. It’s far too common for farmers to lose an entire season’s crop due to dry weather. Women typically walk miles to fetch bacteria-infested water from rivers. We’re solving both challenges by digging wells and building water storage systems to provide year round access to clean water.


A routine medical incident, like a broken arm, is often a life-threatening situation in rural China. Without readily available care, even common ailments become more serious. We’re solving the healthcare challenge by building medical clinics, training physicians and teaching personal hygiene skills. 


Like clean water and healthcare, access to education in rural China is often out of reach. Only one child per family can attend for free, classes are only available up to about the 8th grade level, and there is a shortage of teachers. We’re solving these challenges by providing scholarships, training teachers and renovating schools buildings.

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While we focus generally on clean water, health and education, the specific solutions vary. Bringing hope to rural communities looks different in each area. Click the link to learn about the most common solutions we use.

The Solutions

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Project Partner is a non-profit organization working to end the poverty crisis in rural China.

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Women and children in rural China live on less than $2 a day and need your support.

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Simple solutions like clean water, health and education make a meaningful impact.


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