Medical Exams For 250 Children

medical exams for Chinese children help fight poverty

Medical Exams For 250 Children

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Preventative healthcare is not a given for students in rural China. Health checks cost $30-43/child. For the millions of families living on $2/day, a $30 exam is just unaffordable.

However, a routine exam plays a significant role in identifying any current issues that need treatment. Each year Project Partner sends a team of medical professionals to provide free physical exams to students in rural China. These free physical exams include:

  • Height & weight
  • Basic vision test
  • Color blindness test
  • Basic dental exam
  • Respiratory exam
  • Dental & Personal Hygiene class
  • Free toothbrush & toothpaste

Parents receive a health report for their child after the exam, as well as any suggestions from the doctor.

Eye Exams Mean Free Glasses For Those In Need

One of the most common needs our teams find is for eye glasses. Many of the students struggle to pass the vision exam. If they cannot read the eye chart, then they have little chance of reading the chalkboard at school.

Typically, the students begin to struggle in school and fall behind before their parents are aware of an issue. However, once a doctor identifies vision problems, the student is eligible for a free pair of prescription glasses.

Your support of $10/student will ensure these young students receive their care and assistance they need to live a healthier and brighter future