24 Goats for Miao People

Goat breeding is a sustainable source of income for rural Chinese

24 Goats for Miao People

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A village of Miao people lives up in the mountains outside Kunming city. The Miao people are a minority group in Yunnan, China. They live outside the major cities in close communities.

The family is very important to the Miao people, but right now it’s being threatened. Fathers in the village are struggling to earn enough farming corn, peanuts and yams. The city offers higher paying jobs, but they don’t want to leave behind their wives and kids.

Goats provide a sustainable income and work in their village.

As goat farmers, the Miao families would earn a sustainable income and spend less herding goats than they do farming. But goats are too expensive for them to purchase on their own. That’s where you can help.

With 12 pairs of goats, the Miao families will spend less time in the fields and dramatically increase their income. Each goat is only $116, and we provide them in pairs ($232). Goats for Miao families mean healthier families and a brighter future for their community.