10 people.
100 years.

This simple structure is a proven way to end poverty permanently. I’ll explain, but first, read the story of Da De village in rural China. Their story shows the importance and power of finding solutions to the Poverty Crisis in rural China.

The farmers in Da De village are like most rural Chinese farmers. They earn most of their income from planting and harvesting corn, rice, and yams. Agriculture is the main way of life in southwest China. When things go well, a family earns about $2/day. When things don’t go well – lack of paved roads, limited marketplaces, severe drought – life can get much more challenging.

But there is hope.

Walnut Trees Offer Hope For The Future

With the help of local Community Leaders, the farmers in Da De discovered walnut trees could be a better source of income than the typical crops. Walnut trees could dramatically improve life in rural China. This is what they found:

  • Higher Income – nuts bring in over 2.5 times the income of corn, rice, or yams
  • Less Maintenance – farmers can dramatically cut their time spent in the fields (6 days a week) because the walnut trees require much less attention.
  • Sustainable – walnut trees consistently provide nuts for about 100 years.
  • Plentiful – one tree can provide enough income for 10 people.
  • Affordable – one tree costs about $10.

A Formula For Success

$10 buys one tree. One tree supports 10 people for 100 years.

Walnut trees are an incredibly good option for the agriculturally-focused farm communities in poverty-stricken rural China. Farmers can spend more time with their families and improve their futures because they are in the field less and have more income.

Walnut trees are a fantastic solution for our donors as well. They are a proven solution so you can be confident your gift makes an impact. You can also make an exponentially larger impact than you otherwise could. For only $10, you can support 10 people for 100 years.

A Transformation In Da De

After hearing about the life-changing solution of walnuts, our supporters funded a project to help the farmers in Da De. They raised $1,800 to supply 180 walnut saplings. Those trees have been planted and produce nuts today. The farmers are being trained by Community Leaders on the transition and making plans to elevate the community out of poverty as quickly as possible.

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