Deep in the mountainous region outside Kunming city, sits Pingshan village. Many people there belong to a minority group. They live outside the major cities in close-knit communities.

The family unit is critical in their culture, but right now it’s being threatened. Fathers in the village are struggling to earn enough farming soybean, peanuts, and yams. The city offers higher paying jobs, but they don’t want to leave behind their wives and kids.

Goats provide a sustainable income and work in their village.

As goat farmers, the Pingshan families would earn a sustainable income and spend less time herding goats than they do farming. But goats are too expensive for them to purchase on their own. That’s where the Rotary Club of West Honolulu stepped up to help.

Generous members of the club decided to donate 20 goats to give to farming families in Pingshan. Local community leaders will teach the families to breed and sell the goats, increasing their income from $2/day to $8/day.

Because of their contribution, families will be able to afford to send their children to primary school and cover their basic needs for food and clothing. The club’s contribution isn’t just improving families’ income, it’s breaking the cycle of poverty for the next generation in Pingshan village.

Thank you Rotary Club of West Honolulu for your generosity and hearts to change the future for families in rural China.

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