Kids are back to school across the United States this month. You’ve seen the first day of school pictures posted all over social media … even some fun comparisons to the first day of school pictures from last year. Maybe your child was sad was summer over. Maybe she was excited to go back to school. Either way, it is just automatic: kids go to school. It’s almost the same way in China … except one big difference.

While schooling is provided by the government, it has limits. The most significant restriction is that free education stops after 9th grade. If a child in rural China wants to graduate high school–one of the most effective ways to break out of poverty–she has to pay for it. At a cost of $900 per child, this isĀ unattainable for many rural families. A typical rural family only makes about $60 a month.

When children finish high school, they’re much more likely to get a good paying job or go to college than if they didn’t finish school. Without completing high school, a child typically works on the family farm. This cycle keeps families in rural China in poverty generation after generation.

Sun Li is a great example of how your generosity helped her graduate high school. Her family had no way to pay for her to continue school, but supporters like you sponsored her. Sun Li’s dream to become a teacher is becoming a reality now! Read her story here.

For all these reasons, we have education as one of our three strategies for helping rural Chinese out of poverty (clean water and health care are the other two). We believe it’sĀ important to find ways to have more high school grads in rural China.

If you want to make a difference right now, support a scholarship on from our list of projects today. You could even recruit friends and coworkers to fund a full scholarship!

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