With every dollar that we receive for a project in rural China, it takes dedicated leaders on the ground to turn your money into a real project. It typically looks like this:

  1. You give to a water project
  2. We designate the funds to the project and send the money to our partners in China
  3. Our partners work with locals in the village to complete the project
  4. Our partners report back on the progress and completion

Each village has a Community Leader. He is responsible for using the money you give efficiently and completing the project on time. The Community Leader is the key to a successful project and, ultimately, our best weapon to end the Poverty Crisis.

Community Leaders also serve as a counselor in addition to project manager. They help families facing economic hardship find work and food. When parents leave to find a job, Community Leaders help those left behind adjust to their new life. They even mentor others working to become future leaders.

Rural Chinese Community Leader

A Leadership Role in the Region

Community Leaders spend most of their time in their village but also travel to neighbor communities. They provide leadership, guidance, and support to other Community Leaders. Many leaders walk to from village to village. It’s common for a one-way trip to take three hours. Those long travel times are why we support motorcycle projects to help Community Leaders go faster and safer.

Training Is Required of All Community Leaders

Often these leaders are already respected by their peers, but they need to complete training as well. The training prepares them to oversee projects and gain the skills necessary to counsel and mentor others.

Training is typically one year and requires the leader to live on-site at the training facility. It’s a rigorous program because the job they will take on is demanding.

Support for Community Leader Training

It costs $660 to provide training for one leader. The funds go to cover the training materials, a small salary for the trainers, room, and board. Training new Community Leaders is one of the most impactful activities we can do. It’s a critical factor in creating self-sustaining communities and ending the vicious cycle of poverty in rural China.

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