Generosity. It’s something we all want our kids to learn.

So how do we teach the future generation to be generous?

We all know children learn by example. Whether you’re a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle, or teacher, you can model a generous spirit to the next generation.

Make A Small Thank You Gift

Ask the children to think of someone who’s shown them kindness recently. Then make a homemade thank card thanking them.

You can even include a small gift like an apple or lemonade with the card. Then have the child deliver the thank you in person.

Donate To A Local Food Bank

food bank box full of food

Find a local food bank, and call to see what items they need. Then set a dollar amount to spend.

Involve your kids by having them make the phone call, take them to do the shopping, and encourage them to help purchase the items.

Then have the kids go with you to Food Bank to make the donation.

Write “I Will” Statements

I will statements project

“I Will” statements are phrases to focus on when teaching generosity. They get kids thinking about the many ways they can demonstrate love and kindness to others.

You can turn these statements into a fun poster then hang it like the photo above from the Meaningful Momma.

Examples of “I Will” statements:

  • I will share.
  • I will give of my talents.
  • I will give of my time.
  • I will give my things.

Help Your Neighbors

girl taking food to neighbor

Take your children to talk with your neighbors. Have them ask a neighbor how they can serve them.

Maybe your neighbor needs help mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage or walking the dog.

Even baking cookies is a great act of generosity that kids can do for others.

Host A Craft Party

blankets made by kids

KindCraft is taking this idea of generosity into their community. KindCraft is a family service group with a goal of providing families with opportunities to generous to those in need.

Two moms started the organization when they went looking for ways to teach their children generosity.

They invited a few other families to make no-sew blankets for a local children’s hospital. To their amazement, many parents were interested, and they were able to make over 50 blankets for children in the local hospital.

Now they organize and host monthly events for families and children to serve a local need.

“Through KindCraft, we are hoping to inspire today’s youth to share love with others, to make a difference through generously giving of their time and resources. We want them to see a need in the world and be moved to do something about it.”

KindCraft Co-Founder, Stephaine Whisner


Now, with these five suggestions, you’re ready to model generosity for the future generation. Remember, if you do it often and make it fun, kids are sure to catch on. We’d love to hear which activities you try and if you have any other creative ideas.

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