Most of us love to find ways to be generous. The problem is that we typically think of generosity as the size of a check. While that’s a great way to make a meaningful impact (especially if your schedule keeps you busy), what can you do if you don’t have large amounts of disposable income right now? You can still make a difference. There’s more to generosity than a large financial donation.

If you pay close attention you can find opportunities to help a friend, neighbor or charity. They’re not always obvious, though, and who couldn’t use a little help brainstorming?

17 Ways to Be Generous That Inspire Us

  1. Babysit for friends so they can have a date night
  2. Donate your company’s services or products, like this man who cuts hair for the homeless
  3. Give away the next thing someone compliments you on (“I love that _____”)
  4. Schedule an hour every week to give away your time helping someone
  5. Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru 
  6. Assist a coworker in her responsibilities at work
  7. Take your neighbor’s trash can back in from the street
  8. Do someone else’s chores at home
  9. Sell something you own and donate the proceeds
  10. Talk with your spouse and kids over dinner about how you can give to others as a family
  11. Carry $20 in your pocket tomorrow, and look for an opportunity to give it away
  12. Offer to introduce your personal and/or professional network to your favorite charity
  13. Make your self available to your favorite charity for consultation in your area of expertise (sales, marketing, finance, graphics, management, etc.)
  14. Share your knowledge or skill with someone who has never tried it
  15. Invite someone new in town to hang with you and your friends
  16. Pay for someone’s groceries
  17. Grab some friends and throw a free BBQ

BONUS GENEROSITY IDEAS: The most fun you can have with a $100 bill (or two).

There are countless other ways to be generous. What’s a fun one you’ve tried or heard someone else do?

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