Help Sponsor a Project

These projects are specific needs identified by our partners in China. Each one works to provide clean water or fight poverty directly. You can help make them a reality by donating to one or more. Once a project is fully funded, we work with our partners to complete the project.

Chinese Woman Gets Eyeglasses
Before the sun comes up, adults in rural China open their eyes and begin their day. They rely on their eyesight all day, for every task. From preparing meals for
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Smiling farmer in Yunnan, China
Community Leaders are essential to the success and sustainability of all projects that fight poverty in rural China. They play a vital role in the entire process, from the planning stage
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Goats fight poverty in rural China
As goat farmers, the Pingshan families would earn a sustainable income and spend less herding goats than they do farming. But goats are too expensive for them to purchase on
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Farmers walking up a path in Yunnan, China
Access to clean water is a foundational challenge in rural China. It contributes to the Poverty Crisis in a multitude of ways, including the spread of disease and depletion of
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Delivering Food Packs in rural China
Families in rural China struggle to provide basic food and hygiene items for their family. Parents work long hours farming, but don't earn enough to buy necessities like rice, peanut
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