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These projects are specific needs identified by our partners in China. Each one works to provide clean water or fight poverty directly. You can help make them a reality by donating to one or more. Once a project is fully funded, we work with our partners to complete the project.

Delivering Food Packs in rural China

Food Packs: Support 10 Families

31% Donated/$2,055 To Go
Families in rural China struggle to provide basic food and hygiene items for their family....
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medical exams for Chinese children help fight poverty

Medical Exams For 250 Children

100% Donated/$0 To Go
Preventative healthcare is not a given for students in rural China. Health checks cost $30-43/child....
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Smiling farmer in Yunnan, China

Train 50 Community Leaders

100% Donated/$0 To Go
This is our most critical project.  Community Leaders are essential to the success and sustainability...
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Goat breeding is a sustainable source of income for rural Chinese

24 Goats for Miao People

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A village of Miao people lives up in the mountains outside Kunming city. The Miao...
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Arial view of Maluk Village in rural China

350 Walnut Trees for Maluk Village

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In the beautiful rolling hills, hours outside Kunming, China sits Maluk Village.  The villagers are...
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Chinese woman washing dishes outside with clean water

Clean Water Storage for Gui Cheng Village

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Access to clean water is a foundational challenge in rural China. It contributes to the...
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