Adopt a Village Program

When you Adopt a Village you’re fueling a larger vision. Each individual project has enormous impact, but when several projects are funded together, the impact grows exponentially in rural China. An adopted village becomes a “city on a hill” by rapidly becoming self-sustainable. Every person’s life is changed in the village, but the reach goes even farther.

A self-sustaining village then becomes an influence on neighboring villages. The Chinese community leaders work together. They begin to build their own clean water projects, hold health clinics or fund schooling for eachother’s children.

Corporate Giving

Your organization can adopt an entire village in rural China for as little as $10,000 through corporate giving. Each village has a unique set of needs and financial investment level, but we employ the same proven strategy. Most villages will experience a full transformation through an adoption program in about five years.

Your organization will be recognized as the village sponsor and get regular progress reports with photos.


Adopt a Village

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