Kites have a deeply rooted history in China. The Chinese are credited with the invention of the kite in the 5th century BC in the city of Weifang, Shandong province.

History of Kites in China

First descriptions of kites originate from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BC), telling of beautiful objects floating on the wind, made of bamboo frames covered by brightly colored silk and paper. The ancient Chinese believed that they could avoid bad luck by flying kites.

In 1988, Weifang was elected as “the Capital of Kites of the World.” Each April the city of Weifang hosts the International Kite Festival, a five-day festival to celebrate the history and culture of kites. Every year several thousand people come from all over the world to attend the event.

Annual Kite Festival

Red, blue and white Chinese Kite flying in the blue sky

A beautiful opening ceremony kicks off the festival. Competitors from across the globe parade their kites around the arena. Talented performances follow the competitors including beautiful dances by top dance groups, musicians and acrobats. Kite fliers compete with their unique, hand crafted kites over the next two to three days. Finally the event wraps up with a Closing Awards Ceremony.

The history of kites is so important that the city established the Weifang Kite Museum, the largest kite museum in the world. It showcases more than 1,000 ancient and modern kites.

Make Your Own Kite

Celebrate the Kite Festival by making and flying your own kits. Here’s an easy video showing you how to make a kite.

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