Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. With over 4,000 years of history, Spring Festival is also rich in tradition and celebration. Here are a few ways you can join in the celebration – even if you aren’t Chinese!

Send A Card To A Friend

As you know, sending cards is common custom for birthdays and holidays in America, but it’s also appreciated for Spring Festival. Your local card shop will likely have a selection of cards under the heading “Spring Festival” or Chinese New Year. Alternatively, you could send a fun, animated eCard. Here’s great e-card site with options for Spring Festival┬ácards.

Decorate Your Home

Decorations play a vital role in Spring Festival celebrations. Any decoration with red and gold is a great option, especially traditional vertical banners called chun lian. You can also use fresh flowers and live plants to emphasize the renewal of life, hope, and prosperity associated with Spring Festival.

For more decorating ideas, read Decoration Checklist for Chinese New Year.

Have a Family Dinner With Spring Festival Dishes

Food is a universal element at celebrations around the world, and China’s Spring Festival is no different. Work some of these dishes into a family meal to show your appreciation for Chinese culture and enjoy your own Spring Festival celebration: whole fish, broccoli (or cauliflower), noodles, dumplings, or oranges.

For more food ideas and their meanings in Chinese culture, read 8 Traditional Chinese New Year Foods.

Give Meaningful Gifts

Chinese commonly give cash gifts in small red envelopes for Chinese New Year. It’s common to see these gifts from parents to children, between colleagues, and even customers to service providers. Along with the cash gifts in red envelopes, you may see Chinese give presents of fresh fruit, especially oranges. Oranges symbolize wealth and good fortune because the Chinese words for “orange” and “luck” are very similar.

For more on Spring Festival traditions, read Chinese New Year Traditions and Origin Story.

Eat at A Chinese Restaurant And Leave a Special Tip

Since family, food, and gifts are such a big part of Spring Festival, why not combine all three with this fun idea? Enjoy a meal with your family at you favorite local Chinese restaurant (no take out, eat there), and leave an extra generous tip in a red envelope. This idea is an excellent way to show your appreciation while acknowledging this important holiday in Chinese culture.

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