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Child Sponsorship

Project Partner / Child Sponsorship

Invest in the life of a child...

What your “Yes” to sponsorship means…

Choosing to invest in the life of a child means that your prayers, gifts, and letters, over time, will make an impact in ways that you can’t even imagine. Many of the children that we work with are orphaned. Or their families live in economically empoverished regions. The rates of malnutrition, lack of clean water as well as the dangers that children fall prey to, including sex trafficking, child labor, and drug abuse, are ever-increasing in the countries where Project Partner is currently working. But saying “yes” to becoming a sponsor will make it possible for a child to say “yes” to Jesus, enabling them to walk a path to a brighter, hope-filled future.

Knowing that someone half a world away cares about them and is praying for them is a huge source of encouragement no matter what they may face.

Not only that but each sponsored child will receive practical help to meet their nutritional and physical needs from our ministry partner on the ground within the community they are living in. Each sponsored child will be connected to a local partner church, where they will hear the word of God and have the opportunity to know Christ.