Funding Model

The percentage of a public donation that goes to the field is a critical piece of any charity’s operation. We have a high standard that’s shared by the world’s leading non-profits. According to Charity Navigator, a leading charity review organization, most charities spend about 66% of donations on programs. Their highest scores are given to charities spending at least 85% of donations on programs. This is our standard as well. We spend 15% or less of all designated public gifts on overhead expenses, so at least 85% of your donation goes to end the poverty crisis.

The Heart is a community of partners who give a set amount to our operating costs each year.

The Heart: A 100% Funding Goal

We’re continually looking for ways to maximize the percentage of public donations that go to fight poverty in China. We’re headed toward the ambitious goal of 100% of public donations going to China. To achieve 100% of public donations going to programs in China, we’ve created The Heart.

The Heart is a community of partners who give a set amount to our operating costs each year. As a member, your support would cover everything we need to raise awareness and fundraise, including basic office systems, staff salaries, and supplies. Your membership in The Heart would pave the way to end the Poverty Crisis in China.

Other Funding

Chinese New Year

We hold a giant annual celebration to observe the Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival). It’s a time to show off the work from the past year and look ahead. The proceeds from the ticket sales and sponsorships go to fund projects in China and our organizational growth. 


Foundations are non-profit organizations designed to give out money to other non-profits to further a cause. Common causes, religious beliefs and families are all mandates on which a foundations are founded. We’ve received grants through foundations to support both projects in China and our operational costs.

Corporate Giving

Philanthropy is a large part of many organizations. We work with all kinds of businesses to develop matching programs, public campaigns and and team engagement initiatives. To find out how your organization can get involved, email us today.

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