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Medical Team: 2017 Trip Recap

This is a trip update from Project Partner’s Director, Kristen Levitt: Recently I returned from Guangdong province where I’d been serving with our Medical Team. Images of students’ faces flash through my mind as I lay awake, attempting to adjust back to local time. Every Medical Trip is special. But this...
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Medical Trip Field Update: April 2017

Here’s an update from Kristen and the Medical Team: Our Medical Team is just a few days into their trip in southern China. So far they’be been very busy serving families living in poverty. The first day our team delivered care packages, containing rice & necessities to families in a...
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5 Easy Crafts to Empower Your Child With Generosity

Generosity. It’s something we all want our kids to learn. So how do we teach the future generation to be generous? We all know children learn by example. Whether you’re a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle, or teacher, you can model a generous spirit to the next generation. Make A Small...
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21 Powerful Quotes to Inspire Contagious Generosity

Here it is.  The list of world-renown leaders, motivational speakers, authors, coaches, an actual saint … and, of course, a couple Chinese proverbs.  Each with their own take on what it means to be generous.  Read each quote. Find your favorite.  Use the handy Click to Tweet links or share...
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How To Double Your Impact With Employer Matching Gifts

You’ve found it! This is the method used to fund over $18 billion (!!!) in philanthropic work last year – corporate giving programs. While there are at least 8 different ways your employer may help your favorite cause, employer matching gifts are, by far, the most popular … and most...
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Walnuts: A Surprising Solution Proven To Fight Rural Poverty

$10. 10 people. 100 years. This simple structure is a proven way to end poverty permanently. I’ll explain, but first, read the story of Da De village in rural China. Their story shows the importance and power of finding solutions to the Poverty Crisis in rural China. The farmers in...
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How Anyone Can Celebrate Spring Festival This Year

Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. With over 4,000 years of history, Spring Festival is also rich in tradition and celebration. Here are a few ways you can join in the celebration – even if you aren’t Chinese! Send A Card To...
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Why I Gave Clean Water For My Birthday

by Kristen Levitt, Director As you know, funding is a vital function to end the Poverty Crisis in China. We’ve seen projects for water, goats, and walnuts end poverty. We simply need to fund more of these projects to accomplish our mission. Social fundraising is a relatively new approach to...
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Annual Report 2106

The Mission Your support was vital in 2016 as we changed the future for families in rural China. The Poverty Crisis has a smaller impact now because of you. Last year your support brought sustainable income through Community Leader training, walnut trees for Father’s Day, students raised money for goats,...
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Chinese New Year 2017 Guide

The Chinese calendar follows the lunar schedule which means the new year doesn’t fall on January 1. Chinese New Year 2017 begins on January 28. The Chinese calendar is like the western zodiac in that it has 12 sections. It also adds an animal to each year, on a 12-year...
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Project Funded: Water Tanks for Orange Farmers in Muke Village

Because of you, we hit the goal! Your support will provide water catchment tanks to 52 orange farmers in Muke village. Why Clean Water Tanks Are So Important For all of China’s technological and economic advances, it still faces a horrifying clean water shortage. These storage tanks help solve the...
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How Your Simple Words Bring Hope

Think back to a painful chapter in your life. What were some of the things that kept you going? Chances are, you received some encouraging words from friends and family during those tough times. Hopefully, their words made you smile, keep you chin up and move on believing that your...
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Eyewitness Trip: 2016 Recap

Each November we send a small team to visit villages in rural China. Our team joins our local partners to see the completed projects that you support. This year our visit focused on an area deep in mountains of Yunnan province. Each day we visited many villages, hearing stories of...
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